On the property Am Buschgarten in Essen-Steele, an apartment building with 27 apartments, two of them dementia shared apartments, a day care center and 42 parking spaces will be built. The building will be handed over completely rented. The lease has a term of 15 years with two 5-year options. The building is equipped with state-of-the-art technology. The property is within walking distance of 3 minutes from Essen Steel station. The drive to the nearest freeway takes 10 minutes. The airport can be reached in 30 minutes. All local supply facilities are in the immediate vicinity. The building is surrounded by upscale residential surroundings.

In view of demographic change, new subsidized forms of housing such as care residential communities are becoming increasingly important. They offer a welcome alternative to traditional nursing homes, where individual care is often neglected due to a lack of nursing staff and excessive bureaucracy. The family-oriented organization of everyday life in a nursing home community is intended to enable a self-determined and social life that ensures the quality of life of the individual as far as possible.

The residents themselves determine their daily routine. They take over the design of the common rooms, plan shopping, cooking together, etc. The care forces help with the housekeeping and are just like the care forces always approachable and available. This type of living arrangement has a positive effect on dementia patients. Often, even a worsening of the disease can be delayed for a longer period of time.

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