On the property in 42285 Wuppertal Barmen, Hesselnberg, Christbusch 6 - 8, a residential building is to be built, consisting of two dementia residential communities, 110 apartments for assisted living, a day care center and a boarding house with 29 apartments. The project will be realized on a total lettable area of 8,150.47 m².

Each of the two residential communities will provide a home for 12 dementia patients on a living space of 484.60 m² per shared apartment. New, subsidized forms of living, such as the nursing home community, are becoming increasingly important. They offer a welcome alternative to traditional nursing homes, since the family-oriented organization of everyday life allows for a self-determined and social life as far as possible and has a positive effect on the health status of the dementia patients. The residents furnish their rooms individually. They themselves determine their daily routine. They take over the design of the common rooms, plan shopping, cooking together, etc. The caregivers help with the housekeeping and are always available and approachable just like the nursing staff.

The shared apartments are supplemented by 110 apartments for assisted living, which cover a total rental area of 5,403 m². The individual apartments are between 41.69 and 74.43 m² in size. The barrier-free apartments either have their own terrace, or the residents use the generously proportioned community terraces, which are available on 3 floors.

On the first floor, day care is provided on a rental area of 359.75 m².