We are currently looking for suitable land for our three different project strategies.

Do you have plots of land, undeveloped or developed, that meet the requirements for one of our project schemes? Contact us and send us the details of the property for project analysis. We are looking for plots of land that allow a minimum of 6,500 m² of floor space to be built on. Our search is limited exclusively to North Rhine-Westphalia and Berlin, as well as the surrounding area of Berlin.

Although our minimum requirement is 6,500 m² of usable floor space, we would also consider projects involving less floor space, depending on the location of the property. For smaller projects we require a minimum of 1,000 m² of usable space.

Property criteria dementia shared apartment

  • Min. 1.000 m2 plot area
  • Min. 400 m2 living area
  • Must be designed for rectangular building shapes
  • Min. 2 floors at ground level with staggered floors

Property criteria boarding houses & serviced apartments

  • Location in mixed areas
  • Good infrastructure
  • Walking distance to gastronomic and shopping facilities
  • Attractive downtown or suburban locations for business and leisure travelers
  • No industrial areas
  • Very good connections to public transport

Land criteria ETW

  • Cities with a population of min. 200,000 m2.
  • Near the city center or a subcenter
  • Good connection to public transport
  • Shopping and catering facilities within a radius of 500 m
  • The property must have space for at least 35 apartments.
  • Exception Berlin: area must be large enough for min. 10 units.
  • The property must have a B-plan or a building project according to BauGB § 34.

Do you have land, undeveloped or developed, that meets the requirements for one of our project schemes? Contact us,
and send us the details of the real estate property for project analysis.

Please fill in the contact form or send an e-mail to ankauf@bonafide-immobilien.de

Is there a development plan for the community?
Please add 4 and 3.