The two dementia residential communities, the nine nursing apartments and the day care apartments are rented to an experienced general tenant. The lease agreement has a minimum term of 15 years and an option to extend the lease twice for 5 years each. The company has been active in the outpatient care of the elderly and sick since 2002. Currently, 268 residents are cared for by a total of 106 employees.

The boarding house with a total of 33 service apartments is also rented to an experienced operator. He has already been looking after boarding houses for several years. The lease was concluded for a minimum term of 15 years with an extension option of 2 x 5 years.

In view of demographic change, new subsidized forms of housing such as nursing home communities are becoming increasingly important. They offer a welcome alternative to traditional nursing homes, where individual care is often neglected due to a lack of nursing staff and excessive bureaucracy.

The family-oriented organization of everyday life in a nursing home community is intended to enable a self-determined and social life that ensures the quality of life of the individual as far as possible.

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